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Have you ever eaten a very cold and juicy slice of watermelon with Feta cheese? I know some of you will cringe, but nothing beats that on a hot summer day in Israel. Sitting at the beach on a warm summer evening with the moon and stars above you and the golden Israeli sandy beach at your feet. This is something you’ll never regret.

Israel has so many treasures hidden all over the country, let me tell you about some of them and try to build your appetite to travel to one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with the friendliest and kindest people.

Going on your way to Tel Aviv you will enjoy that watermelon on the beach but also the best Falafel in a pita that costs 12 shekels and up to 22 shekels for the more gourmet version, or Shawarma in a “Laffa” which is a big flat pita (and I mean BIG) filled with the infamous “Hummus, Chips, Salad”. You have to say this in an Israeli accent to understand.

At the same time, you can have some French cuisine, or even Japanese, Chinese and Thai in Tel-Aviv. Aside from incredible food, Jaffa is also known for its small alleys and art galleries where you can support locals in their mission to grow positivity in Israel.

Go for a nice walk in Neve Tzedek and enjoy an old neighborhood in Tel Aviv, it has been renewed and looks beautiful with its Center of Arts.

Spend a day in beautiful Haifa, visit the Bahá’í ‎Gardens – the world’s Baha’i Center, what a gem this is, with its breathtaking gardens and temples, tranquil ambient, and a view of Haifa and its port that is just amazing. Haifa is a city with the biggest port out of the three International commercial Ports in Israel, (Israel has 12 ports but only three are International, Haifa, Ashdod, and Eilat) which is also known to be one of the largest ports in the eastern Mediterranean in terms of freight volume and handles about 30 million tons of cargo per year, and that is a lot when it comes to a small country like Israel.

When you go on your trip up north straight up from Haifa, around 40 minutes drive, you will reach Rosh Hanikra with its beautiful caves, and the sound of sea waves crashing at the chalkstone cliffs. Go in and take some pictures of the blue sea and the grottos.

And now to the Diamond of the country Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall or as the Israelis call it The Kotel. This sensation this gives you can’t be put into words.  Part of Temple Mount, with the length of 488 meters (1,601 ft) and 19 meters (62 ft) exposed height, you walk towards the wailing wall, and something pulls you in, you look at the huge wall and you realize it was built by Herod the Great, from Limestone in 19 BCE, put a little note between the stones and ask from the G_D all mighty, for whatever your heart desires.

Put your open hands on the stones, touch them and feel the Godley energy flowing through you, embrace this feeling and glorious moment and pray in your heart in whatever way you wish. Walk back with your face towards the wall till you leave the holly area, and by the way please wear clothes that will cover at least your knees or put a shawl over your legs and shoulders when you don’t have proper clothes, scarves and shawls can be found just before the holy area’s fence.

After you enjoyed this holy moment, walk in the direction of the Jaffa gate going upstairs and through the alleys of the colorful Old City of Jerusalem Market, with all its beautiful shops with hidden treasure, piles of spices, sweets like Baklawa (Baklava) or other middle eastern sweets, they are delicious, memorabilia, T-shirts, authentic embroidered dresses, baskets, dinnerware and serving dishes or decorative ones, and of course jewelry. You will be more than welcomed in all the shops, the merchants will talk with you in a very friendly manner, they are very happy that people/tourists are visiting, some of them will offer you some sweet tea or coffee, don’t offend them, say yes sure why not, but bargain like a lion when you want to buy something, never accept the first price, a trick cut the price in half and slowly raise it till you meet in the middle… 😉.

I do not know about you, but my feet are starting to hurt from all this walking we did today, I think its time to go back to our beautiful Hotel looking over Jerusalem and rest, we will continue tomorrow for the south of Israel, and maybe go back to some amazing places up north again, who knows.

We all hear nearly daily about bombs and terrorists in Israel and no one ever talks about what a wonderful and welcoming country Israel is, from its Museums to old cities, to restaurants with flavors from all over the world, and breathtaking views.

Let’s start a new era and talk about the positive facts about Israel and walking in it you get to know it.

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