It's Summertime in Israel!

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It's summertime. The most magical time in Israel. The news rarely ever reflects on the beauty of Israel, and we're here to change that!

Israeli summers are filled with intense heat, summer nights, and endless energy. During the summer months, Israel offers many different events, festivals, markets, and much more around the country.

Israel has a wide variety of natural beauty and unique landscapes that make exploring them during the summer one of the best things to do. In the summer heat, the best way to beat the sun is to hike early in the morning.

The summer months are an ideal time to enjoy Israel's many national parks and outdoor spaces. There are breathtaking views of nature from north to south, including botanical gardens and desert landscapes. Nature reserves like Ein Gedi, desert oases, or the Ba'hai gardens of Haifa provide visitors with unique opportunities to explore nature. Along with the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, the Wohl Rose Garden is a highlight in Jerusalem.

The Masada Sunrise tour departs from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem every day of the week for an unforgettable experience. On this tour, you will hike up Masada, enjoy a stunning view from the fortress, and then visit Ein Gedi and float in the Dead Sea.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy the beaches in Israel during the summer months because they’re among the world's most beautiful beaches. Tel Aviv beaches are popular throughout the year, but in the summertime, the sandy shores are packed with sunbathers, surfers, and the constant pattering sound of Israeli racquetball.

Various beaches are available in the southern part of Israel overlooking the Red Sea, including Alma Beach, Nordau Beach, Hilton Beach in Tel Aviv, and Eilat Beaches along the Mediterranean Sea. It's hot in Israel, so make sure you wear sunscreen.

And of course, any trip to Israel is not complete without a visit to the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth. During the summer months, the weather is often hotter, so get ready for the heat and sun. The Dead Sea’s Healing mud nourishes dry skin and floating in the water is by far one of the best ways to rejuvenate and unwind making it one of the most memorable experiences you can have ONLY in Israel.

If you decide to stay away from the heat for a part of your trip, there are many indoor options. With the highest number of museums per capita in the world, your options are virtually limitless. Anything from ‘The Israel Museum’, the country's largest cultural institution, or the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, is a significant highlight of the Middle East and what Israel represents as a free nation.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Israeli cuisine. Israel's summer means lots of walking, sweating, and eating fresh produce. But with that, comes a variety of big, bold, flavorful salads and dishes that can be found on menus throughout the country’s chic cafes and restaurants. The food you’ll eat is satisfying and delicious but won’t leave you feeling weighed down during the hot summer months.

Summer nights in Israel remain warm and temperate even when the sun sets. You can always find events taking place during the summer, from rooftop patios to summer festivals. Summertime in Israel is a special season that is not to be missed!

End your evenings with a cold drink at any of the local bars and restaurants and be ready to enjoy the summer of your life.

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