12 Ways You Can Support Israel Now

Posted by Mordechai Feder on

Here are 12 ways you can support Israel right now

  1. Check the facts

    Distribute literature

    Watch Israeli news

    Talk to your friends

  2. Buy Israeli made products

    Invest in businesses

    Buy bonds

    Get Israeli memorabilia

  3. Support Israeli Artists

    Buy Israeli art

    Watch Israeli news

    Listen to Israeli music

    Watch Israeli TV shows and movies

  4. Be Proactive on Social Media

    Report bias and hate-fueled pages

    Post positive information about Israel

    Correct your friends when they are wrong

  5. Help families in Israel

    Donate to Cupat Ha’ir

    Buy Shabbos meals

  6. Show Your Support

    Israel Stickers

    Israel T-Shirt

    Israeli Flags

  7. Write to your representatives

    Visit your congressman

    Write to the President

  8. Donate to Magen Dovid Adom

    Donate to pro Israel organizations

    Donate to science and medicine organizations in Israel

  9. Pray for Israel

    Meditate on Israel

    Send a letter to the Western Wall

  10. Attend the Israel Day Parade

    Find local Israeli events

    Attend a Zoom event

  11. Give Charity

    Employ somebody

    Help a friend

  12. Go to Israel

    Travel to Israel

    Make Aliyah

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